Mirror's Edge: Catalyst demo shows off amazing parkour gameplay

At EA's 2015 Gamescom press conference we got an in-depth look at the next chapter in Mirror's Edge.

While it wasn't a live demo, we did get a closer look at the gameplay for Mirror's Edge: Catalyst at this year's EA Gamescom press conference.

The new footage showed off choice-filled level design as Faith deftly made her way through a level, avoiding enemies and looking for a way to continue forward. While it was a controlled demo, from all appearances there seemed to be several different ways to traverse the environment.

Faith runs by glowing yellow collectibles in the demo, but it's not clear what they unlock or how they'll tie into the main game.

In the demo, Faith meets a mysterious, Sam Fisher-like character dressed in black. Although he seems to be trying to break into the same facility it isn't immediately clear whether the person is a friend or foe.

The demo ends with glass shattering, gun-free combat as Faith attempts to make her escape. Free-flowing combat and parkour traversal combine in an almost poetic combination of exciting-looking gameplay.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst is set to launch on Februray 25, 2016, and you can watch the entire EA press conference right here.