Forget playing Minecraft, now there's a play in Minecraft

"Playcraft Live" is a new theatre experience unfolding both on stage in the real world and online within the game.

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Playcraft Live

Everyone loves playing Minecraft. But what about a play in Minecraft?

In a mash-up of the mining game and the theatre, a new play will take to the stage this weekend in both the real world and within Minecraft itself.

With more than 120 million copies sold, Minecraft is the second-best-selling videogame of all time, behind Tetris. Fans love digging up the resources to create their own elaborate buildings and worlds, as well as following the game's story. "Playcraft Live", a multimedia theatre experience, combines this intricate world-building with a new story of its own.

It's an original play written by Alex Scarrow, author of the popular "Time Riders" teen novels. The timey-wimey story slips between real and virtual worlds as the Time Riders skip from modern-day New York to Neolithic times, with the story unfolding both in the theatre and online as a single livestream. In the real world, actors take the stage at the Playhouse Theatre in Derry, Ireland. And online, puppeteers control the actors within Minecraft. 

The in-game environments have been built by fans in live "buildathons" over recent weeks, with Minecraft-mad YouTubers including AmyLee33, SeaPeeKay, NettyPlays and Bigbst4tz also involved. The project was commissioned by the Space, a digital arts body funded by the BBC and Arts Council England. 

"Playcraft Live" premieres on Saturday, 14 October at the Playhouse and online at www.playcraft.live. If you like Minecraft, you might just dig it.

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