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Microsoft's rumored Xbox One S All Digital may be released May 7 for about $260

The discless console is expected to be announced on April 16 for preorders.


Editor's note: This device was announced on April 16 during a livestream put on by Microsoft. The new Xbox One S All-Digital Edition will launch May 7.

Looks like the arrival is imminent of Microsoft's first Xbox to drop the disc drive.

Though the existence of the Xbox One S All Digital console wasn't exactly a well-kept secret, details including the preorder date, release date, pricing and marketing images have apparently been uncovered by German tech site

The marketing images show an Xbox One S that looks almost identical to the current model, minus the black slot in front for the Blu-ray drive. It will have a 1TB hard drive for storage, support HDR and 4K UHD, and come with the games Minecraft, Sea of Thieves and Forza Horizon 3 preinstalled.

The leaked details supposedly confirm a May 7 release date and a preorder date of April 16 as well as pricing of 230 euros, which converts to approximately $260, £200 or AU$360. European pricing includes tax, though, so that dollar amount will likely be less.

Microsoft did not immediately respond to CNET's request for comment. 

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With no optical drive, the All Digital model will rely on downloads for games and other content. The move could mark a turning point for the video game industry, which has sold games on discs and cartridges for decades. Some people still prefer to buy physical copies of their games, to share them with friends or trade them in at retailers like GameStop.

Industry mainstays like Microsoft and Sony's PlayStation group have considered dumping disc drives for their consoles in the past. 

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CNET Executive Editor Ian Sherr contributed to this story.