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Microsoft unveils the Xbox Onesie

The latest reveal from Microsoft is not a console or game, but a cosy garment for gaming.


Gamers rejoice! Microsoft has revealed a new design, and it's everything you ever wanted in an all-in-one garment for your console gaming needs. The limited edition Xbox Onesie, as it is called, has been revealed in Australia to help celebrate the launch of the new Xbox One S console, available from today in both 500GB and 1TB models.

The Xbox Onesie will be available in both black and white versions, with a bunch of features that Microsoft touts as "everything an entertainment enthusiast could need when streaming a favourite TV show or film, watching sports or embarking on the ultimate gaming session."

These features include giant pockets to fit controllers and remotes, an extra-large hood that can accommodate a gaming headset, an arm pouch for your mobile phone, forearm grips "to prevent slipping on those 'edge of your seat' moments," arms and legs that can be rolled up for warmer weather (which is great, because Australia is entering spring), and custom gamertag embroidery.

Fans will be able to get their hands on the onesie, but Microsoft is yet to reveal how. "We will have more information on availability of the limited edition Xbox Onesies soon," a representative said in an email.

No word on whether you're allowed to wear it while gaming on a PS4, though.