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Microsoft to preview new Xbox One TV controls, update SmartGlass

Microsoft is set to release new Xbox One TV features to select Xbox Live members. SmartGlass also gets some updates that will roll out to everyone.


Xbox One's all-in-one TV ambitions have fallen a little short since its November 2013 release. Sure, Xbox One does a passable job at controlling cable boxes, but there's plenty of room for improvement.

Invites to a select lot of Xbox Live members will have early access to a few of Xbox One's new TV control features, most notably the ability to set DVR recordings and watch recorded content from a tablet or smartphone. The OneGuide can also be place-shifted to SmartGlass for a different TV browsing experience. For the rest of us, these features won't roll out until later this year.

SmartGlass will receive some newer functionality that should increase accessibility when playing games. The second screen will provide shortcuts to achievement lists, challenges, game clips, and other areas such as your Activity Feed.

Also coming to the Xbox Live platform is "Rent Once, Play Anywhere," which grants the ability to start, stop and continue playback of content regardless of which device is used. You can start watching an episode of "Game of Thrones" on Xbox One, then pick up where you left off on an Xbox 360, Windows Phone, or Xboxvideo.com.