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Microsoft Kinect is fastest-selling gadget ever, waving its way into Guinness Book of Records

Kinection's what you need if you wanna be a record breaker: the Guinness Book of Records has hailed Kinect as the Fastest-Selling Consumer Electronics Device ever.

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Richard Trenholm

Kinectation's what you need if you wannabe a record breaker -- the Guinness Book of Records has hailed the Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect gaming system as the Fastest-Selling Consumer Electronics Device ever after it flew off the shelves, with konsumers going Kinect-krazy this Kristmas.

Guinness komments that 133,333 Kinects were akquired per day in its first two months of kommercial availability. That's a komplete total of 8 million sold worldwide between 4 November 2010 and 3 January 2011.

Kinect konsists of a kamera konnected to an Xbox 360, which kaptures your movements and konverts them into kontrols for your onskreen kharacter. It's proved popular with hackers and modders, using the system to kreate krazy new uses, from 3D drawing in the air to ghostly music videos. Microsoft has kondoned such klowning with a forthkoming Kinect software development kit that will officially open the technology to developers' krackpot koncepts.

It seems the Kinect has komprehensively konfounded arm-waving kompetition from motion-kontrol rival the Sony PlayStation Move, and has eklipsed original motion-kontrolled konsole the Nintendo Wii. Here's our konklusion about which is the krème de la krème konsole to flail about in front of.

Do you have a Kinect, Move or Wii? Are they all you dreamed of or have they been gathering dust since Kristmas? And have you recruited any new gamers with your arm-waving ways? Make a Kinection in the komments or on our Facebook wall.