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Microsoft, Google team up to let Google Assistant control the Xbox One

"OK Google, turn on the Xbox."

Google Assistant now works with the Xbox One. 

Xbox users could already control their console with Amazon's Alexa and Microsoft's own Cortana, now they can also use Google Assistant

In respective blog posts, the two tech giants announced that they're beginning a beta of the new functionality Thursday. The integration is similar to what has been offered with other voice assistants, allowing you to turn the Xbox on or off, open apps or games on the console, take screenshots, record game clips, control play/pause and adjust the volume. 

Adding the beta is fairly simple. You can join Microsoft's Google Group with your Google account, then via the Google Home app go to Add, Set up device and select Have something already set up? to get the process started. 

From there search for and select the "[beta] Xbox" device, sign in to your system's Microsoft account and you should be good to go. If you have multiple Xboxes you can rename them as well.  

Once enabled you can control your Xbox from any Google Assistant-enabled smart speaker or display, Android device or on Google's Home and Assistant apps on iOS. Available in English to start, the companies say they are working to add additional languages before the full launch "later this fall."