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Metal Gear Online PC open beta dated

Opt in, download and Fulton your fellow man.

Konami has announced the PC version of Metal Gear Online, the multiplayer component of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, will launch today (January 12) as an open beta.

Initially announced during a Twitch stream, MGO community manager Robert Peeler later confirmed the news on Steam, saying "players can opt in and download the Beta release of Metal Gear Online January 12, 10PM PT."

He added: "While that's our target time, there's a chance it'll slip by an hour or two as we implement this awaited update, but rest assure we will be here for support and launch as planned."

The console versions of Metal Gear Online launched following the main game. Since its arrival, Konami has introduced a number of updates to the game, and even more DLC maps and Survival Mode are slated for the future.

Other updates have made it easier to level up by reducing the required amount of experience points to progress through levels. Weapons have also been balanced and their value adjusted.

Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima recently revealed he has founded his own studio in Japan called Kojima Productions. His first project is in development with Sony as a PlayStation 4 and PC game.

"I want to create something that's what people expect, but at the same time will have something new that people haven't seen before," he explained in an interview last month.