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Meet the Nintendo 2DS: Just $129.99, minus the good looks

The device doesn't come with the clamshell design of its predecessors, and essentially delivers the 3DS experience without the 3DS.

Say hello to the Nintendo 2DS.
Say hello to the Nintendo 2DS.

Nintendo's Wii U wasn't the only device that received some attention from the game company on Wednesday.

Nintendo today announced a new portable it's calling the 2DS. The device looks somewhat similar to the 3DS XL, but lacks the 3D viewing. In addition, it doesn't appear to be able to close like a clamshell.

Nintendo's new portable comes in two flavors -- a red and a blue -- and will retail for $129.99 when it hits store shelves on October 12. That's about $40 less than the 3DS. Nintendo says that the reduced price will help it attract gamers who otherwise might not be investing in its mobile devices.

Whether the device's design can attract gamers, however, remains to be seen. It appears to be big and bulky and not as mobile-friendly as its clamshell-designed alternatives. Simply put, the 2DS -- at least in my estimation -- is ugly. And that could negatively affect sales. I suppose we'll find out after October 12 when this device launches.