Marvel Snap Is Bringing Superheroes, Speed to Card Battlers

Marvel Snap is a fast-paced card battler coming to mobile and PC, from former Hearthstone developers. You can sign up for the Android beta now.

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Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap, a new card battler game, is coming soon for mobile and PC. Marvel Entertainment tweeted the news on Thursday.

According to its website, Marvel Snap includes the entire Marvel multiverse. In this collectible card game, players can assemble their dream team of Marvel heroes, villains and variants, each with unique abilities. Marvel Snap plans to launch with more than 150 base cards for players to collect, with new cards coming monthly in concert with new seasons.

Each game is about three minutes long, with opponents playing simultaneously, so no one's stuck waiting for a turn. Rounds move fast and require strategic thinking to win. The game ups the tension with Snaps -- if you think you're about to win, you can Snap the other player, which doubles the Cosmic Cubes, or the in-game reward. Think of it as "going all-in" in poker -- whether you really have good cards, or you're trying to bluff. 

The ultimate goal is to secure two out of the three locations in a game, like Wakanda, Knowhere and Sinister London. 

Marvel Snap launched a closed Android beta. Here's how to sign up:

1. Visit Marvel Snap's website.
2. Click Join Beta Test in the top right corner of the screen.
3. Click Sign Up Here.
You'll be prompted to fill out a survey (about a dozen questions) about your gaming habits and devices. 
5. Once you've filled out the survey, click Submit.

According to the website's FAQ, players can fill out a survey for a chance to participate. If you don't complete the survey, you can't get into the beta. 

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