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'Major announcement' from Saints Row, Dead Island publisher teased for E3

Deep Silver has a "lot of games in the pipeline," according to CEO.

Deep Silver, the publisher behind franchises like Saints Row and Dead Island, is gearing up to make a "major announcement" at E3 2016, according to CEO Klemens Kundratitz. In an interview with MCV, the executive did not share specifics, but teased that the company has "a lot of games in the pipeline and are very much looking forward to E3."

Unlike other big-time publishers such as Activision, Electronic Arts, Disney, and Wargaming, Deep Silver will attend E3 2016 in an official capacity.

Deep Silver

"We are not going to be absent and [E3 2016 is where] we will make our next major announcement," Kundratitz said.

It's possible Deep Silver's announcement is related to the future of its Dead Island, Saints Row, or Metro franchises, though this is not confirmed. Recently, we learned that Sumo Digital was heading up development on the delayed Dead Island 2. Saints Row, meanwhile, hasn't seen an entirely new core franchise installment since 2013's Saints Row IV.

As for the Metro franchise, 2013's Metro Last Light is the latest entry in the series, not counting the Redux re-releases. Deep Silver also operates the Homefront franchise, among others.

What would you like to see from Deep Silver at E3 this year? Let us know in the comments below!