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Mad Catz rises from the dead with unique PC gear at CES 2018

We got an exclusive early hands-on with the returning brand's new peripherals.

The Rat Pro X3.
Sean Hollister/CNET

Excellent arcade sticks. Robotic transforming mice. Questionable gamepads you gave to the friends you wanted to beat. 

If you remember Mad Catz, it's probably for one of those three things. Or maybe you remember when the company went bankrupt and laid off all its employees early last year. 

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But at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, it's like Mad Catz never left. We just got an exclusive first look at the very first PC peripherals the company plans to sell following its unusual revival last week -- and it looks like the renewed Mad Catz might have a few gems.

Check out those products (and my impressions) in our video above and gallery below.