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Watch Machete slay these delicious tacos -- in 360 degrees

Three-minute clip on YouTube lets you watch Danny Trejo enjoy some delicious tacos in all their 360-degree glory. Mesmerizing.

Have you ever dreamed of eating tacos with Machete?

You might never be able to, but if you have a smartphone, you might be able to get as close to the experience as possible.

Thanks to the folks at Ganglebot Films, you can now watch Danny Trejo at his LA-based taquería, Trejo's Tacos indulging on some tasty tacos...for a full 3 minutes and with a 360-degree view of the joint.


You can just watch a regular YouTube version of the video here (and embedded below), why settle for 2D when you can watch it in a fully 3D experience? Just open the YouTube app on your phone, flip your phone to the horizontal position, and "look around."

WARNING: You will want to rush out to the nearest taquería.

Ready, set... chomp, chomp!

(Via Slashgear)