Logitech launches its PS3 assault

The company has answered your PS3 prayers with a range of peripherals -- including the ChillStream Controller anti-sweat pad and the Cordless MediaBoard keyboard

Rory Reid

UK consumers may be feeling PS3 apathy, but that hasn't stopped Logitech from launching a range of new peripherals for the thing. Six new gizmos were unveiled at CeBIT 2007, all designed to make your gaming experience a little more civilised.

The most innovative of the bunch was the Logitech ChillStream Controller, a pad with an active cooling system. It has a built-in 40mm fan that pushes cool air through to gamers' fingers. The idea is that it'll prevent sweaty palms during those marathon gaming sessions. Glossy black and metallic silver versions are available for around €39 (£20).

If you intend to surf the Web with your PS3, you'll want the Logitech Cordless MediaBoard keyboard. It has a built-in mouse touchpad and vertical scrollbar, so it's ideal for entering URLs, sending messages to fellow gamers and whatnot. It can be yours for €69 (£36).

Logitech also unveiled its own HDMI cable, a wireless headset and the Cordless Precision Controller. The latter features Logitech's 'floating D-pad' thumb controller and can play wirelessly for over 150 hours on a set of two AA batteries. It'll set you back €44 (£23). -RR