Limited edition Xbox Series X made by Gucci costs $10,000

For gamers who have way too much money.

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Oscar Gonzalez
Game in fashion

The style console.


The Xbox Series console is still hard to find a year after its release. It's tough to locate the standard Xbox Series X, and it's even trickier to nab the Halo Edition Xbox. But it might be harder still to grab the limited-edition Gucci Xbox -- even if you happen to have the purchase price of $10,000. 

Gucci and Microsoft partnered to produce the limited-edition Xbox Series X console. The luxury fashion company made only 100 sets, which include a laser-cut system using the original Gucci Rhombi design, two customized Xbox Series controllers with red and blue stripes, a Gucci hard case for the Xbox, and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. All for 10 grand, which is a bit more than the Xbox Series X's retail price of $500. 

Gucci plans to start sell these limited-edition Xboxes on Wednesday, and they're available only at select stores across the globe. 

The Xbox Series X and the PS5 are hard to come by. Expect both consoles to be available from retailers in limited quantities when Black Friday rolls around.