Lego Horizon Adventures Trailer Is a Preview of Aloy's Blocky Big Game Hunt

From Tallnecks to Thunderjaws, the Sony heroine is going to have to face off with a whole host of robotic brick-based menaces.

Tyler Graham Associate Writer
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Tyler Graham
Guerrilla/Studio Gobo

The long-rumored Lego and Horizon crossover has finally come to fruition, promising players a chance to bound through a more lighthearted version of the dinosaur-infested, postapocalyptic 31st century.

According to the new trailer, unveiled at Summer Game Fest, the game will be released on the PlayStation 5, PC and Nintendo Switch sometime during the holiday season in 2024.

Horizon is the latest franchise adapted into a colorful Lego world: In recent years, Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga re-created nine movies worth of spacefaring action, Lego Fortnite became one of the most buzzworthy additions to Epic's poster child ever, and the Danish company even brought video games to life with Lego Super Mario sets.

The trailer shows off some of the most awe-inspiring mechanical beasts from the Horizon games, including the ferocious Sawtooth, the fearsome Thunderjaw and the towering Tallneck. It's also shown that the village of Mother's Heart will be customizable -- allowing players to truly create their own Lego home to relax and recuperate in as they aim to thwart a mysterious ancient evil worshiped by the sun cultists.

Lego Horizon Adventures can be played in full in co-op mode with up to two players. It supports couch co-op and online multiplayer, during which both players can unlock new buildings, ornaments and costumes for their characters.