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Lego and Epic Games to Team Up in the Metaverse

The pair will build family-friendly virtual experiences.

Lego Group and Epic Games are staking a claim in the metaverse.
Lego Group

Two big names in entertainment say they're joining forces to make games for kids in the metaverse. Epic Games, the maker of the hugely popular online game Fortnite, and Lego Group, the maker of the ubiquitous Lego brick, are "entering a long-term partnership to shape the future of the metaverse to make it safe and fun for children and families," the companies said in a release on Wednesday.

The companies haven't released specifics for any games or experiences they have planned. They have agreed to three core principles for protecting and empowering children and families in the metaverse while it's still taking shape and its future is still largely unknown. Lego and Epic Games say they'll make children's safety and well-being a priority, protect kids' privacy and give kids and adults the tools they need to control their digital experience.

Epic Games has experience with putting on virtual events within Fortnite, including concerts and premiers, featuring stars like Travis Scott and Ariana Grande, and content from the Star Wars franchise. It increased its involvement in music by acquiring the music-streaming site Bandcamp in March and Harmonix in November.

Lego-branded video games are already popular, and a new, sweeping game featuring the Skywalker Saga just became available.

No launch date is set at this point, a spokesperson for Epic Games said.