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Watch 9 minutes of Pokemon Go, Nintendo's augmented reality mobile game

Leaked beta footage has given us our best look yet at Pokemon Go, Nintendo's highly anticipated game for mobile platforms.

Catch Pokemon in the real world. That's the promise of Pokemon Go, the augmented reality mobile game from developers Nintendo and Niantic. And now, thanks to 9 minutes of leaked beta footage posted by YouTube channel Game Previews, you can see more of how Pokemon go will try to live up to that promise.

Basic gameplay involves walking around in the real world, using your phone's GPS to find new Pokemon to catch and battle. The footage shows off Go's spin on some classic Pokemon gameplay staples. There's character customisation options, actually needing to aim your Pokeballs to catch Pokemon found in the wild, a few grabs of the classic turn-based battles and running the game with either animated background or a live feed from your phone's camera.

You'll be able to play Pokemon Go on iPhone and Android when it arrives some time later this year.

Ninatic, an ex-Google startup, previously worked on a similar map-based, GPS-powered game called Ingress. Check out its work on the Pokemon Go beta while you can.