Last of Us remake reportedly in development, Days Gone sequel canceled

Time to adventure with Joel and Ellie for a third time.

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Three times a charm?

Naughty Dog

Sony's PlayStation 5 is still hard to find, and so are new games for the next-gen console. Releases for the company's newest console will pick up in the coming months, and one of its biggest franchises could be coming next. 

A remake of The Last of Us is currently in development for the PS5, according to a report from Bloomberg Friday. The original developer Naughty Dog is reportedly at the helm of the project after a small group of developers within Sony initially began working on it, only to not receive any support and eventually be removed from it. 

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The Last of Us first came out on the PS3 in 2013 and was then remastered on the PS4 the following year. 

Sony Bend, the Oregon-based developer responsible for 2019's Days Gone, pitched for a sequel to its games but was ultimately denied by Sony. The studio was tasked with developing a new game in the Uncharted series, but reportedly asked to be removed from the project over fears of being absorbed into Naughty Dog, which is the developer of the franchise. 

Sony didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.