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Kojima Productions' new mascot isn't a spooky skeleton

Hideo Kojima has launched a Twitter account for his new creator-owned studio, and revealed the studio's mascot, Ludens.

Kojima Productions

After splitting from Konami in December of last year, enfant terrible Hideo Kojima of Metal Gear fame has well and truly embarked on a new career. His new studio, Kojima Productions, is reported to be working on a game for PlayStation 4 and PC, although what form that game might take is tantalisingly unknown.

Perhaps the studio's newly unveiled mascot may have something to do with it. Called Ludens, he's clad in what looks like an EVA space suit, with a helmet inspired by the medieval 16th century split visor close helmet. He also wears a skull mask, which in first images revealed in mid-May made him look like a spooky skeleton. He's not, as we can see now, but medieval space knights are still pretty appealing.

According to GameSpot, the studio's first game will be of the action variety, and may or may not star Ludens. You can follow Kojima Productions' new Twitter account to stay updated.