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Kinect power adapter appears in Microsoft's store

The power adapter that most people won't need to use Microsoft's Kinect accessory with older versions of the Xbox 360 is now available for those that do.

The Kinect's power adapter.
The Kinect's power adapter.

It only took a few days, but Microsoft's power adapter for the Kinect has become available at the company's online store.

The adapter powers the Kinect unit for users with older (read: not slim) Xbox 360s, and is unnecessary for users of the newer Xbox hardware, which has a special powered Kinect port on the back. The adapter is included for users who bought the standalone Kinect accessory, but not in either of the two Kinect Xbox 360 bundles, since they both feature the Kinect port.

As noted in our story about the Kinect's launch last week, not having the power adapter only becomes a problem for people who intend to bring the console bundle variant of the Kinect over to a friend's house, or a different room where only the older hardware is present.

The adapter sells for $34.99, though it's currently listed as being out of stock.

(Via Joystiq)