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Kinect is kaput as Microsoft stops production

Your Xbox accessory will continue to work, but there won't be any more made.

Microsoft is kicking Kinect to the curb.

Kinect has been diskintinued. Microsoft has stopped making the movement-sensing Xbox accessory.

Although yours will continue to work, there'll be no new ones sold once current stocks disappear. 

The news was revealed by Microsoft's Alex Kipman, creator of the Kinect, and Matthew Lapsen, general manager of Xbox devices marketing, in a FastCoDesign interview published Wednesday.

Kinect was launched in 2010 for the Xbox 360, with new models following for Windows and the Xbox One. It was cool how it tracked your whole body, but the peripheral also took up a lot of space and could be slow.

Kinect technology became integral to Microsoft's later advances like HoloLens, Cortana and Windows Hello

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