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IRL Shooter hits Pozible for Sydney game

Tickets are now on sale for the Sydney season of IRL Shooter's Patient 0.

Tickets are now on sale for the Sydney season of IRL Shooter's Patient 0.

(Credit: IRL Shooter)

IRL Shooter isn't going in by halves: after breaking Pozible's record to become its most funded campaign with AU$243,000 back in 2012, it's now shooting for a cool million to bring its real-life first-person zombie shooter to Sydney.

There are only 10,000 tickets for the Sydney season, and they're going fast: in just 12 hours, the campaign has sold 1200 tickets and racked up AU$37,000.

Since the technology has been upgraded since the Melbourne campaign, which ran from 31 October to 31 December 2012, tickets are a little more pricy: a AU$170 pledge — for returning players only — gets you a ticket, as well as the M4 assault rifle, two tactical peripherals and a sidearm.

Yeah, you heard right: a sidearm. IRL Shooter has added a handgun to the mix, which comes with a minimum pledge of AU$245 for new players.

However, the minimum ticket cost for new players isn't quite that high: AU$175 gets you a single ticket and the assault rifle. Higher pledges will net you peripherals, sidearms and the pain belt, which IRL Shooter showed off last month.

We still don't know the exact location of the game, but it will be in a 7000-square-metre warehouse, which needs to be fitted out from scratch. The game itself is set to take place in August/September 2014.

Head over to the IRL Shooter Pozible page to snare your tickets.