iPhone gets SNES game Earth Defense Force, with Amiga emulator to come

Retro gaming on the iPhone continues to go from strength to strength, with a version of classic SNES shooter Earth Defense Force just out, and an official Amiga emulator on the way.

Stuart Dredge
2 min read

iPhone gaming isn't just about hot new potatoes like Infinity Blade and Real Racing 2. Nostalgic iOS gamers can now play a revamped version of SNES shoot 'em up Earth Defense Force -- as hoary and old a potato as you'll find -- while a fully fledged Amiga emulator is coming soon.

Earth Defense Force was originally released on Nintendo's SNES console in 1991, offering (for the time) cutting-edge, horizontally scrolling shmup action. More recently, it's been revived for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Now it's on the App Store, courtesy of developer DotEmu. The game costs £1.19, and is a faithful conversion of the original -- giant bosses included.

In a nod to 2011, the controls have been redesigned for the touchscreen, while achievements and online high-score tables are provided by Apple's Game Center community.

You can also choose to listen to your own music collection as the soundtrack -- although if you're nostalgic enough to play Earth Defense Force, surely you'll want to stick with the original tunes.

The game is just the first fruit of a deal between mobile developer DotEmu and venerable gaming brand Jaleco. Early-90s Game Boy title Avenging Spirit is already on the App Store, and the company says 16 more as-yet unrevealed games are on the way.

Meanwhile, fellow iOS developer Manomio -- which made the well-received Commodore 64 emulator for the iPhone -- has released more details of its upcoming Amiga emulator in an interview with Touch Arcade.

The app will work across iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, and will support the iPhone 4 retina display and -- this is huge -- TV-out feature, so you can play the ancient games on your modern big-screen telly.

Manomio is licensing a range of games for the emulator, which is expected to come out later this year. Titles shown off in its demo video include Defender of the Crown, Battle Squadron, IK+, R-Type, Speedball 2 and Stunt Car Racer.