Into The Breach, one of 2018's best games, is free on the Epic Store

The Subset Games masterpiece is free for a week.

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Into The Breach is free until Sept. 10 on the Epic Games Store.

Subset Games

Remember 2018? Good year for games. Great year, even. 

God of War, Celeste, Red Dead Redemption 2 , Super Smash Bros., Return of the Obra Dinn. Good times.

But the best game of 2018* was Into the Breach, a turn-based strategy title from Subset Games about taking control of a trio of mechs to repel an alien race known as the Vek. You can now get the game for free from the Epic Games Store. The promotion lasts until Sept. 10. 

Into the Breach feels very much like a board game and it plays so well. I'd argue it's best played on the Switch, but look -- it's free. Zero dollars. And if you haven't played it, you absolutely should. 

Every level of Into The Breach features an eight-by-eight grid. Each run you take control of three mechs, each with different abilities in an attempt to quash all the enemies (or simply survive until you ward them off). Each playthrough requires you to formulate strategies based on your team and, when it's all said and done, you do it again. While each run can be completed in short time, it's the variability of the mechs and the ability to travel back in time when you make a mistake that really sells it.

I don't know why you're still reading. It's free. It's great. You should grab it.

*wait, it didn't even make our list of Best Video Games of 2018? This is criminal. Who do I have to talk to about this?