In PS4, 'new playing options' to top better graphics -- report

That's the claim from an unidentified source talking to Japan-based news outlet Nikkei. That source says Sony wants to turn the PlayStation 4 into a living room "nerve center."

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Don Reisinger
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What's next for the PlayStation?
What's next for the PlayStation? Sony

Despite the talk of the PlayStation 4 becoming something of a graphics powerhouse, a new report suggests the importance of internal upgrades will be tossed aside in favor of "new playing options."

Sony plans to make a host of "new playing options" in its next console the focus of the device when it's unveiled on February 20, Japan-based news outlet Nikkei is reporting today, citing an unidentified Sony Computer Entertainment official. Engadget was first to report on the Nikkei's findings.

Rumors have suggested that Sony will unveil a major upgrade to its PlayStation 3. Those rumors have said that the company could include an eight-core AMD processor and other major hardware updates. However, the Nikkei's report, according to Engadget, seems to suggest that if Sony delivers new higher-powered components in its next device, they'll take a backseat to the playing options.

So, what sort of playing options are coming? According to Engadget, the Nikkei's source says the console will be able to connect with mobile devices and share data across the two devices. Multiscreen efforts have long been a component in Sony's strategy. The company's PlayStation Vita, for example, can sync up with the PlayStation 3 to create a dual-screen gaming experience.

The source also indicated that Sony was planning to turn the next PlayStation into a "nerve center" for home entertainment and would be unveiled at Sony's February 20 event. The console is expected to launch at some point later this year.

CNET has contacted Sony for comment on the Nikkei report. We will update this story when we have more information.