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Hundreds of Destiny cheaters banned

Bungie bans lots of offending Crucible players for manipulating network traffic.

Bungie has brought the banhammer down on a new group of Destiny cheaters. The developer announced as part of its latest Weekly Update that a wave of offenders -- hundreds of them -- have been removed from the online game's Crucible multiplayer mode for manipulating network traffic.


"We know you want justice. We've seen the chatter. We've read the reports. Yesterday and today, our Security Response Team has restricted access to the Crucible by the worst offenders among us all," Bungie wrote. "We started with a look at the most notorious cheaters that had been reported by other players. After a cross-reference against our own player-data, we gave the Banhammer a mighty swing. Contained in its blast radius were hundreds of people who have manipulated network traffic."

If the phrase "manipulating network traffic" means nothing to you, well, you're in Bungie's good graces. "If you don't know what that means, we love you. Never change. Cheating will not be tolerated," it said. Manipulating network traffic to disrupt other players' experience or to gain a personal advantage is one of many behaviors that Bungie can ban you for.

"We're committed to protecting Destiny against cheaters," Bungie said. "Enjoy your game. Just play it fair. That's all we ask. Short of your own commitment to honor, we'll take action ourselves. It's not a thing we enjoy doing -- and certainly something we'll never quantify or describe in agonizing detail. The damned shall remain anonymous -- their nefarious actions a mystery."

Finally, Bungie reminded players that they can use Destiny's in-game reporting tools to inform Bungie of bad behavior. "Shaming your offenders in a video might feel good, but it doesn't factor into our process for passing down a guilty verdict, and it might get you in trouble with the moderators of your favorite Guardian clubhouse," the developer said.

In other recent Destiny news, Bungie has released a handful of new images for The Dreadnaught, one of the new locations players can explore in Destiny's upcoming DLC, The Taken King. In addition, preorders are now open for the nice-looking limited-edition Destiny PS4 bundle.