Huge PlayStation controller table levels up your living room

Supersize the look of your gaming space with a PlayStation 3 controller coffee table that will make you feel like you stepped into "Land of the Giants."

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser

Playstation controller coffee table
Get your game on with the coffee table. WoodCurve

Every gamer has an idea of what the ultimate gaming room would look like. A massive display is desirable, along with a selection of your favorite old-school and new-school consoles. A cushy chair or couch, perhaps with built-in rumble seats, would be sweet. And, oh yes, a coffee table that looks like a giant PlayStation controller is a must-have.

If you're willing to part with $3,000, then you can live the PlayStation 3 controller coffee table part of the dream. You'll also need to budget for another $200 for shipping, but what you get will make your gamer buddies raucously envious.

The table comes from Etsy shop WoodCurve, a purveyor of strange and unusual furniture, including Tim Burton-esque curved bookcases and a stool in the shape of the pi symbol.

The controller table is handmade and it looks just like its mini-me inspiration, complete with all the buttons you would expect. A glass top protects most of the surface from soda spills and Dorito crumbs. The thumb joysticks protrude from the top.

The table is made from birch plywood and it contains a storage area for your games and gear, accessed through a fold-down door. Vinyl decals provide the right look for the buttons. The whole beast weighs about 100 pounds, so you'll probably want to put it in place and never move it again. It may be incredibly expensive and more than a bit impractical, but it's also a glorious example of creative game-room furniture.

WoodCurve controller table storage
The table has a storage compartment. WoodCurve

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