Huawei Tron is a mini, Mac Pro-looking Android games console

Huawei has announced the Tron, an Android-powered games console that looks a bit like a Mac Pro.

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Joe Svetlik
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Android games consoles may not have set the world alight -- not yet, anyway -- with Ouya and the British-made GameStick being disappointing. But that's not stopping Chinese mobile maker Huawei throwing its hat into the ring.

At CES it announced the Tron, an Android-powered games console that looks a bit like a Mac Pro that's been shrunk down. It's even made its own Bluetooth controller, which is reminiscent of the Xbox 360's.

The Tron is powered by a Tegra 4 processor, and runs Android 4.2.3 Jelly Bean, but not as we know it. Huawei has skinned it with its own user interface, including features tiles for access to games, Huawei's store, videos, apps, settings, and featured titles.

Veer away from games though, and you're right back in regular old Android.

The Tron comes in black or white, and has 16GB or 32GB of storage, though you can expand that with a microSD card. It has connections for an Ethernet cable, USB 3.0, audio out, as well as Bluetooth to sync the controller. Wi-Fi comes as standard, and inside is an impressive 2GB of RAM to buddy up with the Tegra 4 chip.

As I say, Android games consoles are yet to really take off, but it's an interesting area. We've been promised Ouya will be updated every year, so you can upgrade your console like you would your mobile. Both Ouya and GameStick have been beset by bugs and numerous delays. UK gamers looking for an Android hit will have to wait for the Tron, as it's only been announced for China at the moment. Though a Huawei spokesperson told Engadget that it was looking into further market expansion, so you never know.

The Tron will go on sale in China around April for $150 (£91).

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Image credit: LuisAndradeHD.com