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HTC launches Vive Studios to bring you VR content

Don your headsets for a little retro-inspired virtual reality in the first title from Vive Studios, Arcade Saga.

Here's Vive Studios' first game, Arcade Saga.

HTC on Thursday announced Vive Studios, a new branch of the consumer electronics company dedicated to expanding its virtual reality content. The company said it plans to work internally on these projects, as well as with outside publishers and developers.

As part of today's announcement, Vive Studios launched its inaugural title, Arcada Saga, created by the in-house 2 Bears Studios. In addition to games, Vive Studios plans to launch titles in categories ranging from education to design, sports and things cinematic.

The HTC Vive headset is one of a number of hopefuls in the race to VR dominance, along with gear from the likes of Facebook's Oculus, Samsung and Sony.

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