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PUBG for Xbox: Here's the official gamepad controls

These are some of the most complicated console controls ever.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds isn't an easy game, and I'm not just talking about the 99 other players looking to gun you down on its deadly island. On Windows PCs, you have to memorize loads of different keys to crouch, lean around a corner, aim at an enemy, sight in your rifle for the right distance, steady your breath and fire -- maybe all at the same time.

So how does that translate to Xbox One, where the game launches for the first time this Tuesday, Dec. 12? It's complicated.

Microsoft has just revealed the official day-one control scheme for PUBG, and amazingly, it looks like the team has been able to cram just about everything into the space of an Xbox One gamepad. (Heck, some of these controls sound easier than PC.)

But in order to do that, the PUBG team had to divvy up the controls among a variety of different "modes" -- meaning the same buttons might do different things depending on context. Meanwhile others will issue different commands if you hold them down rather than pressing them lightly. (You'll need to hold down X in order to reload, for instance.)

Below, here's the full set of controls. Note that Microsoft says it's willing to change them if users want -- so if you try 'em and don't like 'em, speak up!

Click "Enlarge Image" at the bottom-right corner of each diagram for a better look.


The basic controls.

Microsoft and PUBG Corp.

Aiming (after you tap the left trigger once to aim down sights)

The aiming mode.

Microsoft and PUBG Corp

Vehicles (a single button for driver's seat is an improvement over PC)

The driving controls.

Microsoft and PUBG Corp


The swimming controls.

Microsoft and PUBG Corp


Controls for using the map.

Microsoft and PUBG Corp


How you can control the inventory.

Microsoft and PUBG Corp

The inventory controls sound particularly important -- it's a bit of a mess even on PC. Here's how Microsoft describes those controls:

Switching between columns in your inventory guide (RB/LB) will be a key component as you move through your equipment and supplies while in-game. Use the A button to pick up a weapon from the inventory UI, then select which highlighted slot you'd like to place it, then press A again. The key here is that pressing X picks up items to your bag like ammo and attachments, A swaps and equips items with your current loadout, and Y always drops the selected or highlighted item.

To easily strip all attachments from your weapons, simply highlight the weapon in your inventory and hold X. This will place all attachments back into your inventory bag. This keeps them available to place on your next weapon of choice. You can also hold Y to strip all the attachments to the ground if your bag is too full before grabbing your new weapon.

Microsoft's producer Nico Bihary, who works on the PUBG team, tells CNET that "Gears of War" studio The Coalition actually deserves some credit for how the controls turned out: 

"Five guys that don't have any skin in this game from The Coalition are on conference calls at 10 at night just because they're fans and they see this opportunity... they want to see PUBG be successful," Bihary said. 

He also notes that the Xbox release should have the vaulting feature and ballistics improvements from the upcoming PC version 1.0 release as well, though it won't include the huge new desert map (see below) on day one. That should arrive next year.