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Hot deals on Kinect and PlayStation Move, if you can get to a shop

There are some great deals to be had with the hottest new games consoles -- as long as you can get through the snow and pick them up yourself. Beat the postman with our guide.

Waited a little too long to pick up little Johnny's games console? Don't panic, we've trawled the Internet and found some of the best console deals out there.

The White Christmas has pretty much killed your chance of being delivered anything in time -- no online seller is currently guaranteeing delivery before Christmas -- but you can take advantage of dropping prices and get your game on after Christmas when the roads clear, or buy online and collect in-store.

Xbox 360 Kinect bundle

Kinect is red-hot: it's already sold millions; your kids definitely want one, although if they were really honest it would be to impress their mates rather than actually play with it. What is it? It's a motion sensor for your Xbox that allows you to navigate the 360's menus and play certain games using only your body's movements -- no controllers.

Most games shops have cottoned on to the fact that the Kinect is in demand and have sneakily raised the peripheral's price, however. There are some huge disparities in price between stores, with the Kinect console bundle going for as much as £420 on Amazon's third-party sellers.

Luckily, the best price on the bundle, which includes Kinect, a 250GB Xbox Slim and the Kinect Adventures game is at GAME and Gamestation, which both sell the bundle at the recommended £299 price. Both offer the option to buy online and pickup at a store, if you can slide through the snow to your nearest bricks and mortar outlet.

PlayStation 3 Move bundle

The PlayStation Move is a motion controller, similar to the Wii, in that you have a stick to wave around. Like Kinect, it's fun and easy to use, but the first generation of games aren't up to much.

The Move console bundles are generally cheaper than the 360 Kinect packages though. Play.com has the cheapest price, selling a 320GB PS3 Slim with the Move Starter pack for £270.

If you want the console under your tree in time for Christmas, with a game to play, Gamestation has the best deals. It offers you the 320GB console, Move starter pack and a choice between Medal of Honour, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit or FIFA 2011 -- the latter two are very good -- for £285. Once again, you'll have to pick up the bundle in store.

Nintendo Wii

Once the hip new kid on the block, the Nintendo Wii is now the grizzled veteran of motion-controlled gaming. It's by far the cheapest console around as a result, and while its graphics aren't up to scratch these days, games such as Mario Kart and Super Mario Galaxy are more fun than anything the other two motion-controlled systems have to offer.

You can pick up the basic console with Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort for around £160 from pretty much every major seller, including Play.com, Amazon, GAME and Gamestation. Wii games are also cheaper than their hi-def counterparts, going for an average price of about £30.

Get into the Christmas spirit and share any other deals you find in our comments section below.