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Hot Coffee flushed with new patch

Rockstar outhacks hacks with the release of a patch that makes San Andreas' sexual content dry up.

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Rockstar outhacks hacks with the release of a patch that makes San Andreas' sexual content dry up.

The blistering caused by the Hot Coffee drama in Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas may have caused irreparable damage to some virgin eyes, but a new patch from the controversial developer is hoping to ease some of the pain. Rockstar has released the "No More Hot Coffee" patch, which prevents a widely distributed modification for the PC edition of San Andreas from opening up sexually explicit minigames that were developed by Rockstar and left in retail versions of the game as unused code.

On the Web site Nomorehotcoffee.com, Rockstar Games issues the following statement: "The 'Hot Coffee' scenes were not intended to be part of the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas experience. If your copy of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for PC has been altered by the unauthorised 'Hot Coffee' download circulating on the Internet, or if you wish to prevent your version from being so altered, follow the appropriate link below to download and open the 'No More Hot Coffee' game patch."

Interested parties can download the 11.2MB patch now at the Nomorehotcoffee site. Currently there are no such preventative measures for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox versions of San Andreas.

The patch comes in three flavors for different regions, North American, European/Australian, and German. According to Rockstar, the patch does not uninstall a previously modded copy of San Andreas, but it does prevent a "clean version" from being modified by the Hot Coffee patch.

Those with Hot Coffee-modded copies of San Andreas will need to completely uninstall the altered version, reinstall a "clean version," and patch it with the "No More Hot Coffee" file. Attempts to patch a modded version may cause errors in gameplay.

The patch also fixes other features of the game, including various crashing issues, timing in the dance minigames, and support for 720p and 1080i HDTV-resolution monitors.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was recently banned in Australia because of the Hot Coffee patch. The game was slapped with an Adults Only rating in the US, forcing many major retailers to pull the game from their shelves.

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