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Here are all your Pokemon saying, 'YAS!' in character

Bask in the jubilant absurdity of all your favorite Pokemonsters saying, "YAS!" in voices tailored to each character.

Hard-core Pokemon Go players spend hours collecting monsters. You start to build a fondness for them and imagine what their personalities might be like. A ground-dwelling Diglett is much quieter than an excitable Pikachu. A Geodude is a feisty grump. A Ponyta will give you hoof-kicking attitude.

Rob White used his imagination combined with Pokemon Go character stat screens to give the world a lovable video showing a variety of Pokemon saying "Yas" in character. You might be resistant to hitting play on this video. You may be telling yourself this sounds like a supremely silly idea. And it is. Now watch it and revel in the heart-tickling joy of all your Pokemon buddies saying, "Yas."

White's voice inflections perfectly match what I would expect each Pokemon to sound like. The Aerodactyl has a dragon roar. The Venusaur goes for a staccato rhythm. The three-headed Exeggutor (White renamed his "Tree Eggs") has three overlapping voices. Ninetales speaks "yas" in a whisper.

White said on Facebook last week that the video was inspired by his brother. "Without that suggestion this would have just been us being stupid while we're hung over one morning," he writes. All I can say to that is "Yaaaasssss!"

(Via The Creators Project)