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Halo Master Chief preorders top Amazon charts

The new collection for the Xbox One, which packages all four current Halo games, is proving a hit among eager buyers.

Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

Halo: The Master Chief Collection is No. 1 in Amazon's video game sales chart. Not bad for an Xbox title that won't actually be out for another five months.

Announced by Microsoft at the E3 gaming event on Monday, Halo: The Master Chief Collection is a remastered bundle of the previous four core slated to reach Xbox One users on November 11, just in time for the holiday season. A beta of the new Halo 5: Guardians game will also rise up around the same time but won't actually hit consumers until 2015.

Amazon/Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

So far, the number of video games for the Xbox One has been limited. And Xbox One sales have lagged behind those of the PlayStation 4. Microsoft used the E3 event to focus more on games than on hardware with promises of more titles to come. The Halo series is especially popular among gamers and could give the Xbox One a much-needed push to lure in more customers.

Gamers can preorder the already best-selling Halo: The Master Chief Collection through Amazon to the tune of $60. The collection is also available for preorder directly through Microsoft as well as through Best Buy and GameStop.

Microsoft is also capitalizing on the Halo name with an upcoming live-action TV show called "Halo Nightfall" that will feature a "pivotal character" who will play a role in Halo 5. And in an attempt to ignite Xbox One sales, the company has unveiled a less expensive and Kinect-less version of the console .

(Via Windows Phone Central)