Halo Master Chief motorcycle helmet: Ride in sci-fi gaming glory

​Space battle game Halo is about to get a little more down-to-earth as toy maker NECA rolls out a fancy helmet for motorcycle-riding Master Chief fans.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser
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Master Chief motorcycle helmet
This isn't quite the finalized helmet just yet. NECA

You're not just any human who happens to ride a two-wheeled machine. You're a cybernetic supersoldier, a champion for the human race, a space savior. You leave the world wondering at your appearance as you're safely ensconced inside a faceless helmet, hidden behind a reflective eye shield. If this is how you see yourself, the helmet for you might be a Halo Master Chief replica, due this July from NECA, a company known for its action figures and collectibles.

The Master Chief helmet meets US Department of Transportation standards for motorcycle helmets and sports a modular design that allows the front to pop up. Front air intakes reduce fogging behind the UV-protection eye shield. NECA describes the decoration as "game authentic." The limited-edition helmet will be available in a range of sizes.

A sneak peek at the helmet emerged in June 2014 in the form of a video showing an uncolored version of the helmet.

The newest reveal gives a pretty good image of what the helmet will look like, though NECA cautions that the images are not of the final product. That could mean some minor changes or tweaks are in store, but the current version is pretty gorgeous and a good example of a video game look brought to life. If you want a matching Master Chief armor codpiece, you'll have to make one for yourself.

The helmet will certainly make a statement when you're out tootling around the neighborhood on your Harley or Triumph. Plus, it's way more badass than those fake-mohawk helmets you see around. The Covenant won't stand a chance against you and your mighty Master Chief Petty Office John-117 helmet.

Halo helmet
The helmet will ship in July 2015. NECA