GTA V to ship on two discs for Xbox 360; one for PS3

Due to the size of the upcoming title, the Xbox 360 version will ship with two discs. Because Sony's PlayStation 3 supports Blu-ray, those console owners will only need one disc.

Don Reisinger
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Don Reisinger
Rockstar Games

Grant Theft Auto V will ship with two discs for the Xbox 360, according to the game's developer.

Rockstar Games on Tuesday posted a question-and-answer page on its site, responding to queries from fans. The company confirmed that due to the size of the upcoming title, the Xbox 360 version will ship with two discs. The first disc will need to be inserted into the console at startup. That disc will install game files onto the console. The second disc will then be used to play the game. No switching will be required once the file is installed on the Xbox 360.

Grand Theft Auto V's install is 8GB, according to Rockstar. So, Xbox 360 owners will need to have that much space available on the internal hard drive or an external USB flash drive.

Rockstar's title will also launch on the PlayStation 3. Those console owners, however, will only find one disc in their purchase. The PlayStation 3 version will still require an 8GB install, though. Because Sony's PlayStation 3 supports Blu-ray, which allows for more storage space, it only makes sense that Rockstar will ship a single disc with that console. Microsoft's Xbox 360 supports DVDs.

Grand Theft Auto V is one of the most anticipated games launching this year. Rockstar will launch the title on both consoles on September 17. Rockstar is not saying anything yet about a possible launch on PCs or next-generation platforms.