GTA Online issues fixed with yet another update

The latest fix should repair the last of the many issues the troubled crimulator has suffered.

Joe Svetlik
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Rockstar has released yet another update for GTA Online, which should see the game finally working as intended. But it'll also fix a glitch that let some gamers make millions of dollars by selling the same car over and over again, like a Los Santos-based Arthur Daley.

The fix comes after gamers have endured weeks of problems with Rockstar's highly-anticipated online crimulator. The issues included faulty servers, problems with tutorials, and long waits. Oh, and you couldn't save your progress, characters, cars or money earned.

There's no way to recover any lost progress in GTA Online, Rockstar has confirmed. To make up for this, it's offered gamers $500,000 of in-game moolah -- that's about a fiver in real money.

The latest fix should mean your vehicles and vehicle mods aren't lost anymore, that the incorrect car is no longer replaced when you do a swap in a full garage, and that you can't sell the same car again and again (meaning an end to that particular money-making scheme). Vehicles will no longer be duplicated, and now you should be able to pay your utility bills on your house or apartment. Crew invites should come through without any issues, and the starting point on the tutorial race should now appear.

Other fixes include you not getting stuck while using playlists, no more black screens or long load times, and the sky cam shouldn't get jammed anymore.

Phew. Talk about a troubled launch. GTA Online's servers were initially borked, then more and more problems emerged as players explored this shoddy online world. Rockstar issued a fix -- followed by advice for players -- though that left plenty of problems unsolved. Hopefully this patch should be the end of it.

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