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GTA 5 Special Edition costs £65, pre-order bags bonus blimp

Rockstar has detailed the pricier versions of its upcoming Grand Theft Auto 5. Pricier being the operative word.

Rockstar has detailed the Special and Collector's Editions of its upcoming Grand Theft Auto 5, though bagging those bumper collections will cost you a pretty penny.

The Special Edition of the imminent run-em-over-up will set you back a whopping £65, Game's pre-order page reveals.

All that cash nabs you a fistful of in-game extras, including a 'special ability' bar that boosts 25 per cent faster, extra stunt plane challenges, bonus outfits, extra tattoos and special deals from virtual shopkeepers. You also get free in-game pistols, a shotgun and, er, a melee hammer.

The Special Edition also gets you a 'steelbook' with some extra artwork, and a big blue map of the game world.

The Collector's Edition can't be bought outright yet, with Game asking only for a £20 deposit when you pre-order. The graphic on the page suggests you'll be splashing out a sense-defying £120 for the privilege however.

The Collector's Edition has all the same stuff as the Special Edition, plus a slew of extra tat including a bag with a lock on it ('inspired by the heists', apparently), a baseball cap and a big black box with a foil-embossed logo. In the game you'll get custom characters for online play and unique vehicles, including a hot rod and the CarbonRS sports bike. 

Blimpulse buy

To tempt gamers to throw down cash early, anyone who pre-orders Grand Theft Auto 5 in any of its guises (including the standard retail issue) will be eligible for access to an in-game blimp -- which personally I think sounds like a much more tempting offer than a bag and a hat.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is due out on 17 September for Xbox 360 and PS3, but there's no word on whether it'll arrive on the PS4 or new Xbox One. Check out some screenshots here, and some trailers here.

Are you excited about GTA 5? Would you rather it was released for PC? And are you planning on splashing out on the Special or Collector's Edition? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.