GTA 5 has heists, hunting and tennis in first gameplay trailer

Check out the impressive first gameplay trailer for Rockstar's next open-world Grand Theft Auto game.

Luke Westaway Senior editor
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Luke Westaway

Grand Theft Auto 5 will be a "sprawling, satirical re-imagining of southern California", according to Rockstar's latest clip, which details how exactly the triple-protagonised game will work.

"Urban decay and untouched wilderness" have been rendered in loving detail, according to the latest video, which we've embedded below for your convenience.

The upcoming title will feature a much bigger game world than its predecessor, and features three separate heroes -- Michael, Franklin, and, er, Trevor.

Excitingly, you'll be able to skip between the three characters mid-way through missions. When missions aren't happening, you'll be able to drop in on other characters any time you like. The trailer implies you could find them involved in anything from messing about on a bike to barrelling across town in a high-speed chase.

You'll also get involved in planning heists, and choosing where to spend the cash. Tattoos, clothes and customisable vehicles -- including jets -- are all options while you can gamble on the stock market and real estate to earn even more.

Deep-sea diving, parachuting and hunting are some of the adrenaline-packed pastimes on offer in San Andreas, while cycling, golf and tennis were also shown in the trailer, for when you want to take a virtual breather, or pretend to be Andy Murray.

Only a tiny glimpse of the game's online component was shown, with Rockstar teasing that more information on this multiplayer component would be coming soon.

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