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GTA 5 box art has a spoof iPhone, a Jet Ski and a scary dog

Rockstar's crime saga continues its rich tradition of satirising consumer trends, with a 'Fruit' phone displayed on the game's box.

Grand Theft Auto V is set to turn its vicious brand of satire on Apple, with a familiar black smart phone prominently featured on the game's front cover.

Rockstar Games yesterday revealed the official box art for the new crime opus, and peeking out from behind the familiar script is a very iPhone-like smart phone, complete with vaguely phallic fruity logo.

The GTA series' irreverent lampooning of famous brands is a reliable pleasure, with billboards and shops around the games' virtual cities displaying pun-tastic takes on the biggest commercial names.

Apple looks to be a particular target in the fifth full instalment, with the game's second trailer showing a very iMac-esque 'Fruit' computer.

Grand Theft Auto V Fruit iMac

It's not the first time Fruit has appeared in GTA, with the juicy reference joined by BlackBerry-ish 'bitterSweet' email phones in 2008's GTA 4. Other snarky visual gags in the last episode included Pißwasser lager, E-Cola fizzy pop, America's Next Top Hooker and the Little Gorbachefs chain of Russian restaurants.

There's little else in the box art we didn't already know about -- multiple characters, scary dogs, Jet Skis and gas masks were all featured in the two trailers, the second of which you can see below. Submarines and jet fighters were also prominent in promo images released at the end of last year.

GTA 5 is due out on 17 September, just ahead of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 this Christmas. Will you wait for a new console before you splash on Rockstar's latest? Or is too tempting to delay? Jump start the comments below, or drive by our Facebook page.