Gotta protect your phone: It's a waterproof case specially for Pokemon Go

Guide your Pokeballs to their destination with a case specifically designed for the hit game.

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There are a lot of dangers out there for a Pokemon hunter, like running into an angry Snorlax. But even more annoying than finding a Pidgey in your 2K egg is when you're so carried away you drop your phone.

We can't help you find a wild Blastoise, but we can offer a suggestion for the whole smashing-your-phone thing. Take a look at this special waterproof iPhone case made specifically for playing Pokemon Go.

You start with a standard waterproof phone case from Catalyst, sealing your phone against water and dirt with a transparent pane so you can still swipe and tap on the screen. What makes this Pokemon-specific version rarer than a Zapdos is the extra rubberlike cap that fits over each end of the phone. Each end is joined by parallel strips of rubber that snap into place vertically up the middle of the screen.

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Gotta catch 'em all!

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You guessed it: the rubberised strips guide your finger when you swipe up to hurl a Pokeball. Your aim stays true whatever the weather, and rain will no longer stop you adding to your Pokedex.

The Pokemon Go accessory comes free with new Catalyst cases, or costs $9.99 to add on top of your current waterproof case. It's available globally.

You still have to look where you're going though. And don't let anyone swipe your phone out of your hand. Always Pokemon Go responsibly, kids.

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