Google Stadia will allow publishers to add subscriptions

Think of it like adding HBO to your cable bill.

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Oscar Gonzalez

The Google Stadia unveiling last week ahead of E3 2019 included details about how much the game-streaming service will cost. The head of the service said Sunday that publishers may charge extra for access to more games.

"You'll see publishers starting to think about their own subscription as well," Google Stadia head Phil Harrison told Geoff Keighley on Sunday on YouTube's E3 Live. "We support that on our platform."

Harrison noted that not every publisher will use this option, only those with a large catalog of games.

He is likely referring to EA , which has its own subscription called EA Access. For $5 a month, subscribers have a library of games from the publisher available to play on certain platforms, and they get access to new EA games before the release date.  

Stadia will launch in November and will offer 4K, 60fps and surround-sound streaming for $9.99 a month. Subscribers will have access to some free games, but newer titles must be purchased.

Google didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.