New God of War, Resident Evil 7 and lots of VR: Everything Sony just announced at E3 2016

Kratos is back, Resident Evil is coming to PlayStation VR, and so is Batman! Here's everything Sony announced at E3 2016.

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Yes, the rumors are true: There's a new and improved PlayStation 4 Neo coming from Sony and while it wasn't at E3 2016, Sony still had a lot to talk about.

From a brand new God of War, to a new psychological thriller from Quantic Dream and lots and lots of games for the PlayStation VR. Here's everything that Sony showed off at its E3 press conference, as it unfolded.

We begin, as all good press conferences do, with a dramatically lit orchestra. Bear McCreary was the conductor for the night: he's a prolific composer of TV, film and gaming music.

Josh Miller/CNET

Music over, we're into a trailer for what is definitely a new God of War with a much older and bearded Kratos. The audience is loving this and it does look amazing. We're getting a very long gameplay look of combat and Kratos mentoring a young boy to hunt. Santa Monica Studio is making it. No release date right now.

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Next up, a teaser for a good old fashion post-apocalyptic action adventure, this one with bikers which is a nice change. It's called Days Gone and there's a slight Last of Us Feel to it.

Deja vu as we see The Last Guardian again, but this time there's a release date: October 25, 2016.


The classic hits keep coming with Horizon Zero Dawn gameplay trailer. This was also announced last year, but it still looking good. Bizarre name though. We're seeing a little more of the combat and scavenging, with out redheaded protagonist salvaging parts from the machines and even hacking one to make it a mount she can ride.


Something new from Quantic Dream. Android cops in a science-fiction setting: Detroit Become Human. Looks heavy on forensics and story choices, which is what we've come to love from Quantic Dream. Trailer shows one scenario with an Android holding a kid hostage and it playing out in multiple ways.

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PSVR time, and with what looks like a VR horror which references the (in)famous Kitchen horror demo. It's frankly creepy as hell -- audience members screamed. Wow!

It's Resident Evil VII coming January 24, 2017. Fully playable on PSVR which sounds just horrible. Oh and October 13 is the release date for PlayStation VR, costing $399 and with 50 games by the end of the year.

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PSVR game trailer showcase time. First up is Farpoint, a tense looking science-fiction game. Next is a VR mission for Star Wars: Battlefront. That's an audience favourite. Batman Arkham VR is next, narrated by the Joker himself (Mark Hamill), made Rocksteady and exclusive to the PSVR.

Final Fantasy XV is getting the VR treatment as well, although its just being called the "VR experience" with you playing as Prompto.


Another take on space battles with a frantic and bloody romp via Call of Duty: Infinite War. Plus Call of Duty Modern Warfare is getting remastered.


Crash Bandicoot time, with the apple-loving marsupial hitting Skylanders before the series gets completely remastered for the PS4.


Hideo Kojima is on stage and the audience can barely cope.

"Hi everyone," he says. "I'm back." His demo is brand new and running completely in real time he says. Lots of dead crabs so far. Oh wait: that's Norman Reedus and this is Death Stranding.

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Kojima gets followed by a brand-new Spider-Man game coming from Insomniac and exclusive to the PS4. And we're being left with an extended demo of Days Gone. It looks amazing and we're getting a few story hints with a mutated child attacking the biker protagonist. If they're not zombies they're a close analogue. This is tense and cool stuff and the similarity to Last of Us is very strong.

And that's a wrap!

Stay tuned to CNET for more E3 coverage coming your way this week and be sure to keep an eye or two on Gamespot's exhaustive E3 coverage as well.