God of War Ragnarök Launches Nov. 9, Gets New Trailer

Kratos and Atreus return for the holidays. The game's Collector's and Jötnar Editions will also come with a replica of Thor's hammer Mjölnir.

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Kratos and Atreus battle a burning warrior in a God of War Ragnarok screenshot

You'll be able to hang out with Kratos, this burning guy and Atreus in November.


God of War Ragnarök hits PS5 and PS4 on Nov. 9, Sony revealed Wednesday. The action-adventure video game also got a new CGI trailer that sees Kratos and son Atreus in battle.

Ragnarok's fancy Collector's and Jötnar Editions -- which both come with a 16-inch replica of Thor's hammer Mjölnir, along with various other physical and digital extras -- were also revealed. Each includes a steelbook case, but includes a digital download code instead of a game disc.

If you don't need the clutter, you could opt for the standard or digital deluxe versions instead -- the latter comes with in-game items and various nonphysical extras. 

All editions will be available to preorder on July 15, from 10 a.m. ET in the US (10 a.m. local time in other regions). Pricing wasn't revealed, but you can expect the Collector's and Jötnar Editions to be expensive.

It's the sequel to the incredible 2018 God of War, which came out on PS4 (it also hit PC last January) and followed the pair on an adventure that saw them clashing with gods and monsters from Norse mythology. Kratos knew a thing or two about battling divine beings from his previous adventures, so it's pretty heartwarming that he got to teach his son the family business.

The 2018 game had sold 19.5 million copies as of October last year, placing it among the top-selling PS4 games.

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