Go mano a mano with the Hand of Fate tabletop adaptation

The killer card-based video game is now seeking funding for a tabletop version on Kickstarter.

Hand of Fate: Ordeals has just hit Kickstarter, bringing the strategic, card-based dungeon crawler from the screen to the table. The Brisbane, Australia-based Defiant Development has partnered up with tabletop publisher Rule & Make to launch the campaign.

It feels like a natural fit for the table. The original game was a dungeon-crawler, based on hands of cards randomly dealt out to generate dungeons, enemies and adventurers. It also helps that the components all look gorgeous. If you want a peek at the translated rules, there's a link to a Google Doc in the campaign. The tabletop version also builds on the original single-player digital version with support for up to four players and both cooperative and competitive game modes.

It's already surpassed the AU$30,000 target goal (sitting at about AU$55,000 at the time of writing) with a month to go, but the team had planned on a November 2017 release regardless of the campaign's outcome. The additional funding will support bigger print runs and wider distribution. And, of course, the usual stretch goal goodies and Kickstarter-exclusive bonuses.

If you're eager to get your hands on a copy, a pledge of $59 or AU$79 (about £45) will get you a copy of the game, all the stretch goals and a Steam Code for the original game.

Check out the campaign on Kickstarter and the original Hand of Fate on Steam. And fans of the original shouldn't fret: Ordeals takes place between the original Hand of Fate and its upcoming (digital) sequel.

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