Get ready to 'Xbox and chill' with new Xbox Mini-Fridge

The joke that keeps on giving.

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Oscar Gonzalez
Keep all those energy drinks nearby.

Keep all those energy drinks nearby.


Microsoft continues to run with the joke that its Xbox Series X looks like a fridge with the E3 reveal of an Xbox Mini-Fridge at the end of the company's E3 2021 event. Not many details were provided other than the new appliance's look and the phrase "Xbox and Chill."

What can be seen in the short video for the Xbox Mini-Fridge is its small size -- it looks like it can store a 12-pack of sodas at most. Of course, it will have the Xbox Series X design.

When the Xbox Series X was officially revealed, jokes started popping up on social media on how the console resembled a fridge. Microsoft added to the gag by making an actual Xbox refrigerator that it gave away at the time of the console launch. 

The Xbox Mini-Fridge is set for release this holiday season, though no price has been provided.