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Get Assassin's Creed III for free!

From the Cheapskate: Normally $20, this enthralling action-adventure is a must-have for any PC gamer. Plus: three bonus deals and two giveaways!

Rick Broida Senior Editor
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Rick Broida
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Assassin's Creed III takes place during the American Revolution. Oh, and it's free from Ubisoft for a limited time.


Are there any sweeter words than "free game"?

Well, sure, "free chocolate" and "free beer" are right up there, and I suppose a few weirdos would nominate "I love you" as the sweetest words of all. But, come on... free game!

And not just a so-so game, but a really excellent one. For a limited time, Ubisoft is offering Assassin's Creed III (for Windows) absolutely free. Price if purchased from Steam: $19.99.

Let me mention straight away that I had trouble redeeming this offer. I don't know if Ubisoft's servers are slammed or what, but I found myself in kind of a redemption loop, where I just kept getting dumped back at the giveaway page. It took me four or five tries before the game was finally added to my Ubisoft Club account.

Speaking of which, you'll need one to get the giveaway, and you'll also need Ubisoft's Uplay PC client to actually download and play the game. There's no cost for either of these things; just a little time and legwork. (Clickwork?)

The game itself was released in 2012 to widespread acclaim. It's a visually sumptuous action-adventure with a rich plot and loads of historical detail. (The setting: a little fracas called the Revolutionary War.)

Read GameSpot's review if you want to learn more, keeping in mind it's focused on the Xbox 360 version.

This is definitely one of the Ubisoft's best giveaways, so grab this while you can. The giveaway itself expires soon, but you get to keep the game forever!

It doesn't reverse-levitate, but the Bem Mojo does do inductive charging.


Bonus deal: I was pretty sure I'd seen every speaker design known to man. I was wrong. For a limited time, and while supplies last, Meh has the Bem Mojo portable Bluetooth speaker for $18, plus $5 for shipping. Price elsewhere: at least $33 (plus tax).

The Bem Mojo is your basic Bluetooth cube, but with a 16-hour (!) battery and a USB port for charging your phone if needed. Plus, it recharges on a conductive base! Just plop the speaker down and, bam, charging. All mobile devices should work this way. All of them.

Bonus deal No. 2: Speaking of speakers, if you want something a little more powerful, but with many of the same features, grab the woefully misnamed Inateck iPhone Speaker Dock for $19.79 when you apply coupon code TGVZH8VL at checkout.

It's a Bluetooth 4.2 speaker with a carrying handle and phone stand, but obviously it's compatible with more than just iPhones. It can play for 30 (!) hours on a charge and also has a USB port for charging your devices. There's even a microSD slot if you'd rather play audio content from a card.

Enlarge Image

Yeah, this $98 tablet can do this. And other things.


Bonus deal No. 3: I'm not sure how much practical use you can get from a 9-inch Windows tablet, but when there's a deal like this, I gotta share...

For a limited time, Walmart has the Nextbook Flexx 8.9-inch two-in-one tablet for $97.99 shipped (plus tax). It's not a powerhouse, what with the Atom processor, 32GB of (expandable) storage and USB 2.0 ports, but it does come with a detachable keyboard, and it runs full-blown Windows 10 .

Giveaways! CNET's Winner Wonderland is under way, offering 10 days of prizes that get better every day. (Each one starts with an Amazon Echo Dot and adds extra smart-home goodies.) Entering is a cinch, and you can get extra entries by sharing your unique link with friends. Once you're done with that, enter Roadshow's emergency car kit giveaway as well!