Get a massive Star Wars game bundle for $14

You get 14 classic games for that price, and Unicef gets a cut as well. Plus: three bonus deals!

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There's a whole generation of kids discovering "Star Wars" for the first time. And that means they've yet to experience the innumerable Star Wars games of long ago.

Take Star Wars: Empire at War, a real-time strategy game that GameSpot rated 8.7 and called "a strategy game worthy of the license."

Whether for yourself or your kids, check out the Star Wars Humble Bundle III, a collection with a value of $157 but a price tag of $14. That's for the "everything" tier, which is the only one that makes sense: It gives you all 14 games in the bundle.

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This may be the bundle you're looking for.

Humble Bundle

These are some oldies, to be sure: Some of the games date back to the 90s. And I won't lie and say they look good by today's standards. But, make no mistake, there's some thrilling gameplay to be had. Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast was, to my thinking, one of the all-time great Star Wars first-person shooters, and I definitely enjoyed the action-packed Force Unleashed games (both of them included here, both among the prettiest Star Wars games to date).

As with all Humble Bundle bundles, there's a charitable element here as well. When you scroll down to choose your payment amount, click the Choose where your money goes option and adjust the sliders as you see fit. UNICEF is the beneficiary this time around.

All the games are provided via Steam for Windows; some are compatible with Mac and Linux as well.

Your thoughts? Are these games too old to be fun, or do they stand the test of time like, say, a certain trilogy?

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When folded, the Elfie looks kind of like a pocket camera.


Bonus deal: If you missed it last time, my beloved Elfie drone is on sale again -- although for a couple dollars more. Tomtop has the JJRC H37 Elfie folding mini-drone for $37.99 shipped when you apply promo code JJRC8S at checkout. Make sure to select United States warehouse, otherwise shipping could take several weeks. (If you opt for the China warehouse, the price drops to $33.99 -- not worth it, IMHO.) I grabbed one of these last time around; it arrived in about a week.

Bonus deal No. 2: You like science and you like tech, right? Then why not subscribe to two of the very best magazines covering both? For a limited time, Discount Mags has a 1-year Popular Science and Wired bundle for $7.99 when you apply coupon code DEALNEWS at checkout. That gets you six issues of the former and 12 of the latter. One nice little perk: If you're already subscribing to one or both (via Discount Mags), you can make these renewals. You can also extend this price to subscriptions for up to three years, not just one.

Dead Rising 3
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Dead Rising 3

Originally an Xbox-only title, Dead Rising 3 is now available for PC.

Josh Miller/CNET

Bonus deal No. 3: I love all things zombie (I do run a zombie-themed escape room, after all), and I love games that don't take themselves too seriously. Like this one: For a limited time, GamersGate has Dead Rising 3: Apocalypse Edition (Win) for $6.90. Price elsewhere: $29.99. Released in 2014, this gloriously over-the-top open-world shooter lets you mow down the undead in creative, varied and often hilarious ways. Just take note it requires a substantial PC for smooth, high-res graphics, and very much deserves its M rating.