GeForce Now Adds Try-Before-You-Buy Game Demos

It's about time.

Lori Grunin Senior Editor / Advice
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Lori Grunin

Nvidia's finally adding a capability that I've been waiting for since the company launched its GeForce Now cloud-gaming platform two years ago: free try-before-you-buy for PC games. The service's technology and business model -- it only lets you play games you already own, unless they're already free to play -- always seemed a natural fit for game previews. And it's long needed them as a feasible alternative to the free games that other, library-based services like Xbox Game Pass Ultimate can offer.

The program is starting small, offering Chorus, Ghostrunner, Inscryption, Diplomacy Is Not an Option and The RiftBreaker Prologue. And it's also a bit disappointing that all the initial games already have free downloadable demos and have for a while. Being able to play them without installing is a nice perk. But it will be a lot more useful and meaningful when Nvidia ramps up the number of games and, hopefully, starts to throw in more available on the day the game launches, or (for instance) limited exclusives of demos available with the top plans. Before FOMO makes you fork over $60 or more for the latest AAA.

At the same time, Nvidia revealed its weekly additions to GeForce Now's list of supported games: Die After Sunset, Elderborn, NorthgardOffworld Trading CompanySpirit Of The Island and Tunic.